Custom VIRGIN LACE wig


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  • Description
  • Description
  • Customize your own Virgin Hair lace wig according to your specifications. Types of Virgin Hair
    Chinese Virgin Hair
    - Chinese hair is distinctive for its thicker individual strands and medium luster. Chinese hair is also courser than Indian and other hair types. Because of its slightly course nature, Chinese hair can easily be texturized to achieve a "Yaki" texture which resebles African American Relaxed hair. Chinese hair is naturally bone straight and is perfect for a woman who loves to wear her hair sleek and straight.
    Indian Virgin Hair- Indian hair is very popular and is in high demand because it is more abundantly available than other types hair. The individual strands are thinner with medium luster. The hair type is very versitile in that it can be worn by all ethnicities including African Americans. Indian hair is soft and holds curls very well. The naturally comes with a slight wave. Brazilian Virgin Hair- Brazilian hair is harvested and imported from Brazil, Peru, Venezuela and Argentina. Brazillian hair is not as abundantly available as Chinese of Indian hair. The hair tend to be soft, silky and wavey. The hair is easy to style and holds curls well.
    • Every Strand of hair with living, Uni-Directional Cuticles
    • Healthiest Virgin hair harvested from young donars
    • Excellent Craftmanship for undetectable hairline
    • Advanced Processing & Strict Quality Control
    • Healthy, Bouncy Hair with high Elasticity and Luster
    • Wash after Wash, Longest Lasting Hair Life
    • New* Pre-Plucked natural hairline